Crown Hill Park

Crown Hill Park, a recreation area covering 242 acres (0.98 km2), is managed by Jefferson County Open Space in Colorado's unincorporated Jefferson County. The park is located between Lakewood and Wheat Ridge. The park borders include a National Urban Wildlife Refuge. The park offers many activities, including hiking, biking, horseback riding and wildlife viewing. You can also walk, rollerblade, jog, and fish.

Crown Hill Park is situated in a highly developed area of Jefferson County, close to Denver, Colorado. It is close to many major transportation networks, including the Metro.

Today, the two water bodies found on park property were natural ponds. Crown Hill Lake water originates in Clear Creek and is transported via the Crown Hill Agricultural Ditch from Crown Hill Lake. Crown Hill Lake seepage accounts for most of the water in Kestrel Pond.

Slowly, the farming communities of Wheat Ridge & Lakewood grew. Residents were becoming more concerned about the loss to their country lands. Crown Hill's neighbors urged Jefferson County to create the Open Space Program in 1972. This was to preserve one of the largest parcels of undeveloped land in the most populous part of Jefferson County at the time. The County purchased 168 acres (0.68km2) near Crown Hill Cemetery, including Crown Hill Lake, in 1978. This created Crown Hill Open Space Park.

Henry Lee was killed in an auto-pedestrian accident on March 11, 1914. Henry Lee, who was injured in an auto-pedestrian accident on March 11, died and was buried at Crown Hill Cemetery.

Jennie Lee helped to run the farm until Murray died in 1939. Jennie Paul Lee, a 93-year-old woman, died in November 1943.

Henry Lee was a partner of the Pioneer Seed Company in Denver. He also owned Henry Lee's Seed and Farm Implements. These were companies that sold seeds and farm equipment. They also designed and sold farm and market wagons and road carts, spring wagons and spring wagons. To start his successful business, he had originally brought from Iowa farm implements and seed.

Crown Hill Associates also purchased land from Union Pacific Railroad in 1908. This was located adjacent to the property William and Henry Lee had purchased. Crown Hill Associates acquired 290 acres (1.2km2) of land with this last purchase. The "Old Morgan House" was located on the property. Henry Lee had bought the Morgan (also known as "Margan") Jones homestead back in 1900. Crown Hill purchased the land that contained the house, barns, and other outbuildings in 1900.

Henry Lee acquired a lot of land in Jefferson County over the years. He also owned a large part of Edgewater and a portion of Wheat Ridge. His farm also includes Crown Hill Cemetery. In 1908, Lee sold 180 acres (0.73km2) of land to Crown Hill Cemetery Association for $47,000. Henry Lee still owned 300 acres (1.72 km2) of the best land in Jefferson County in 1914.

Henry Lee's involvement with irrigation and water-related issues led to the construction Denver's first pumping station, and the founding of Agriculture Ditch Company. From the time the company was founded until his death, Henry served as the secretary. Henry and William Lee created the Lee and Brothers Lateral Irrigation Ditch to support their extensive farming business. It ran along Middle Golden Road now known as 32nd Avenue. William Lee also managed the Lee Sand and Gravel Company, which ran along Youngfield from 38th Avenue through North Golden Road (now called 44 Avenue).

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