Skyline Park

Skyline Park, also known as Allgau Skyline Park, is a 35-hectare (86 acre) amusement park located in Bad Worishofen (Bavaria), Germany. There are many thrill rides, family attractions, as well as playground amenities. The Lowenthal family of showmen runs the park.

Skyline Park's origins can be traced back at the Kirchdorf Leisure Park, Stadtbergen, which is a small town in the Augsburg district. The park, which was essentially a huge playground, was there from 1975 to 1991. However, a dispute with the land owner over expansion plans led the park to be moved to its current location in Bad Worishofen. The Leisure Park featured several slides, pedal-powered rides and an electric-powered car ride. In the late 1990s, the park started to add larger rides, most notably the Anton Schwarzkopf roller coaster Silberpfeil. The Lowenthal family of showmen bought the park in 1999 and reopened it as Skyline Park. Joachim Lowenthal, park owner, quickly added a number of larger rides to the park after it was acquired. These included the Sky Rider suspended roller coaster as well as the Bob Racing powered bobkart attraction.

Two major new rides were added for the 2020 season. Sky Fall, a portable drop tower measuring 85m (279ft) high, is the first. It is one of the largest fairground drop towers currently in use. Lowenthal invited the Goetzke family, Sky Fall's operators, to set up the attraction at the park after the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic had cancelled festivals across Europe. The Sky Fall was originally intended to be rented for five months. However, it is still in place at the park as of August 2021. The Allgauflieger was the second attraction, a Funtime Starflyer attraction. The Allgauflieger is currently the world's tallest tower ride at 150m (490 ft).

Lowenthal announced to the media in October 2021 that the park would invest EUR8-10million in a major new coaster. It would be 70m tall (230 ft) and have a track length 1.2 kilometres (3900 ft). According to reports, Gerstlauer, a Bavarian manufacturer, will manufacture the project.

Skyline Park purchased two British attractions in the 2012-2013 seasons. The Sky Jet thrill ride was built near Sky Rafting for the 2012 season. The ride was a Zierer Star Shape, which had previously been operated as Bling at Blackpool Pleasure Beach between 2004 and 2011. After the 2019 season, Sky Jet was removed and sold to Fantasy Island in Britain. The park bought the Whirlwind, a Maurer AG spinning coaster from the former Camelot Theme Park. It was renamed Fantasy Island in the UK. Sky Spin was renamed after the coaster was repaired.

During the 2015-2019 expansion of the western side, several new attractions were added to the park. The park was expanded to the west by the Italy-based SBF Visa Group. They provided many rides, including the High Fly pendulum ride and Kids Spin junior spinning coaster. Joachim Lowenthal removed two well-known attractions from fair circuit and installed them permanently at the park in 2017 and 2019. Wildwasserbahn III (1992), which is the largest transportable log flume in the world, and Geisterschlange (79), a dark ride that resembles a ghost train, were the former attractions. Sky Dragster, a prototype Spike Coaster by Maurer AG, was the main attraction. The attraction allows riders to control their car's speed by gliding along a monorail-ensue track. Although the coaster concept was awarded numerous innovation awards, it suffered from serious mechanical failures over its lifetime. This led to 2020 park management questioning the coaster's viability long-term.

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